Friday, March 29, 2013

Tales of Hekaria - Oria Devagin

Since last November I'm working on a big story project, workingtitle "Tales of Hekaria". The story is based on a novel that I wrote about two years ago. There are still a lot of things to do, mostly building up the scenes, but the character design is nearly ready. The next weeks I'll post short portraits of the characters, tell a little bit of the world and so on.

Here is one of the maincharacters. Her name is Oria Devagin, a sorceress. It's not known which species she exactly is, only that her father was an Andrii. Some people think she is a Banethak, but that's very improbably. She lives in the Academy of the Sorceresses in Raad'Ohr and is a member of the Council of Sorceresses.


  1. Looks great and very promising. It would be great to see your story.
    Oh and i would love to see your sorceress bare naked ok maybe with stockings :D

    Take care and Happy Easter!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. I'll admit I couldn't really see where you were going with the earlier (greyish, oddly-lit) wallpaper, but the colouring and character design in these are perfect.

    Only very minor quibble is that the necklace beads are bit too obviously 2D, but that's petty. Very much looking forward to more of these!

    1. Thanks. The luminousness in the wallpaper comes from the SSS-Effect (subsurface scattering). It was a little bit too strong.